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Who we are

Bahrain Foundation Construction Company has approximately 70% of the country's market share and an arsenal of equipment and machinery to match.

With our trusted professional heritage and excellent track record, our high-profile clients come back to us, every time. See why:

We have a unique in-house workshop

The BFCC workshop repairs and maintains equipment and machinery, to ensure Bahrain's largest collection of specialised piling equipment remains in good condition.

Safety is our utmost priority

We have an excellent track record in safety. All employees are thoroughly trained on safety, health and hazard prevention and:

  • Safety supervisors are available on all our sites to ensure implementation of safety regulations and guidelines.
  • Internationally recognised workload certificates and safety signs are installed on clear spaces on machines and hot spots onsite.
  • Colour-coding and test certificate referencing are applied and emphasized.
  • All employees are supplied with personal protective equipment to be worn and carried at all times on location.

Our workmanship is of the highest quality

We work closely with both local and international consultants to ensure our high safety and workmanship standards are never compromised. We follow strict contract, layout specifications and sketches and always adhere to timelines, no matter how tight the schedule.

We're also working towards an officially accredited and recognised ISO 9000 certification.

  • North Manama Causeway under progress.
  • Ground improvement works and piling for water transmission facility at Bahrain Financial Harbour under progress.
  • Awarded work for proposed SULB DR plant project piling & improvement work at Hidd
  • Awarded work for multi-storey building at BIW in Hidd
  • Also Awarded work for multi-storey building in Hoora
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